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2019 is gone and a New Year is upon us.  We look back at the year behind us feeling proud of what we have achieved and we look ahead at the New Year full of optimism.

In 2019 we took part in a variety of civil and structural engineering projects across different sectors, some of which are shown below.

Stay tuned to our News section for more updates.


We started design work on a new fully equipped gymnastic hall with changing facilities, spectator seating, multipurpose hall, offices, staff rooms and café,  proposed on the former travellers site that will enable Woking Gymnastics Club to relocate from their current premises in Kingfield.


Contractor: TBC

Progress: Tender Stage

Woking Gymnastic Club

We took part in the design of this beautiful new build home, in direct collaboration with architect George Burn as the Lead Consultant for this project and the contractor,  throughout the design process and the construction. Sustainability, cost efficiency and high attention to detail were key achievements from that successful collaboration.




Contractor: Kavbro Build Ltd

Progress: Completion


The construction of a new purpose-built building for Hospice in the Weald achieved completion just before Christmas 2019. Glulam "tree" columns supporting a central roof atrium is one of the main features of this building.

Watch a time-lapse showing the entire construction, by Hospice in the Weald:

Cottage Hospice The Journey


Contractor:  Westridge

Progress: Completion

Sequence 02.00_02_50_08.Still006.png
Broadmead House, London

Construction of a new five-storey apartment block in the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham started in June 2019 with the demolition of the previous building and the installation of contiguous piled retaining walls along the full site perimeter.

Construction of a 500mm thick raft foundation and a reinforced concrete frame is ongoing.


Contractor: Nick Brown Ltd

Progress: RC-frame (Phase II)

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