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Structural Engineering Reports

Structural engineering reports are often required by Banks, Building Societies and also by private individuals where they or their Chartered Surveyors may have noted specific areas of concern.

​We have Chartered Civil and Structural Engineers who regularly undertake this type of work and will provide a detailed report either on a specific individual point or in relation to the entire structure, with recommendations for any further required investigations and/or recommendations for the repair and monitoring.

Our reports often cover:

  • Cracking and movement due to stress in clay soils, inadequate foundations or drainage problems. Where there has been a previous history of subsidence or foundation movement, even though it may have been historic, Banks and Insurers can ask for a report confirming the movement has ceased, the underpinning works were successful or identifying the risk of future problems.

  • Roof spread or sagging due to authorised or unauthorised alterations, lack of ties, age or replacement of slate tiles with heavier concrete substitutes.

  • Modifications carried out without Building Control approval such as removal of load bearing walls, chimney breasts or unauthorised loft conversions.

  • Bouncy or saggy floors

  • Problems with garden walls, retaining walls and/or out-buildings.

We also carry out other forms of surveys for dilapidation, Condition Schedules, loading assessments for commercial and public buildings or pre-alteration and conversion feasibility studies and assessments.

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