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Salesian Sports Hall
Salesian Description

Project: Salesian School, Chertsey

Architect: Lytle Associates


Design of Phase 1 and Phase 2 extensions at the Salesian School in Chertsey, Surrey. 

Phase 1 consists of a new two-storey classroom block extension to the school's "D" block. The classrooms are open plan, and therefore the structural form consists of steel sway frames supporting metal decking composite floors at first floor, and traditional trusses forming the roof. The external walls consist of traditional cavity walls.

During the construction of the new foundations to Phase 1, a high voltage electric cable was found to coincide directly underneath a steel column base. vkhp-consulting was involved in the design of temporary supports to enable the construction of the main frame to proceed, whilst the process to divert the cable took place.

Phase 2 is constructed at the end of phase 1 as part of the masterplan and consists of a new DT classroom/workshop and photographic studio at ground floor and an open plan Art studio at first floor. Construction is steelwork sway frames supporting metal decking composite floors at first floor and trussed rafters forming the roof. A ground bearing slab and traditional pad/strip foundations form the sub structure works.

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