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The Venue: TeamSport Crawley

The Event: Construction Industry Karting Team Challenge

The Date: Wednesday 21st November 2018; 8:00pm

Well, they say that "practise makes the master" or that "champions keep playing until they get it right", and this time round it proved to be the case with our karting teams that took part in the latest Engineering challenge at TeamSport Crawley. It is the third time vkhp-consulting have taken part in the engineering challenge, and having failed to make the podium in the last races, this proved to be our "third time lucky", finishing the race in first and third places.

Although fielding three teams out of 10 teams that took part may have increased our chances of success, we believe that a better strategy this time round and pure sheer speed were the reasons we achieved the podium. Indeed, the fastest lap of the night was posted by Julian Klippenstein who was racing for the winning team.

The race was thrilling; with nothing to choose between the front three teams in the closing part of the race, the final result may have been decided in the closing laps.

Our winning team was formed by Julian Klippenstein, Chris Phillips and Michal Wojcieszak. Third place was achieved by Steve van Klaveren (borrowed from County Building Control) and Waldo Zaragoza. The top three finishing teams did each 148 laps.


Chris Kittley, Yemi Akintunde and James Acheson finished the race in 4th place.

1st place: Michal, Chris, Julian
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