Broadmead House, Hammersmith

3055_18_Broadmead House_Front_View_LoRes

Broadmead House, Hammersmith

Project: Broadmead House, Hammersmith, London

Architect: Blue Sky Cad


Construction of a new five-storey apartment block in the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham started in June 2019 with the demolition of the previous building and the installation of contiguous piled retaining walls along the full site perimeter.

The building will have a full size basement with residential living space and Grade 3 waterproofing. The basement formation level falls within the sands and gravels of the Kempton Park strata, and a detailed geotechnical analysis was undertaken to justify the design of a 500mm thick raft foundation in lieu of internal piles, achieving a significant cost saving. Long term settlement analysis of the over-consolidated London clay substrata was undertaken. 

The superstructure of the building consists of a reinforced concrete frame with flat slabs, stability shear walls and columns.

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