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 Project: Beardell Street, London

 Architect: Lime Associates

Beardell St

We were appointed to carry out both the Civil and Structural engineering design of this project, located in Upper Northwood, Crystal Palace.


The project resulted in the redevelopment of an old car garage on Beardell Street, into a 5-storey apartment block plus lower ground floor, occupying most of the site. Beardell Street slopes down considerably and this created the need to design a contiguous piled retaining wall to support the new reduced lower ground floor levels, along a boundary shared with an adjacent building. A basement impact assessment was commissioned as part of the Party Wall requirements, for which we provided extensive input. 

The structure consists of reinforced concrete flat slabs and columns, with concrete shear walls providing lateral stability. The top penthouse level consists of load bearing timber walls and timber flat roofs. 

London clay with high plasticity and a relatively high water table was found on-site and deep piled foundations with pile caps and a suspended RC slab were designed.

The tight site conditions presented some challenges with regards to the underground drainage and other services. This meant that among other things, the water tank and a packaged dual pump station are all under the lower ground floor slab and also under the ground water table. 

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